Dino Robotics is a young company, the founders have a robotics background from their work at the University of Karlsruhe. Since the start we have been transferring scientific expertise into products for industrial application by our customers. We develop flexible robot applications that adapt themselves to the current situation detected by 3D sensor technology. Flexible processing algorithms and reaction to detected object positions or obstacles in the environment allows the automation software to compensate for changes or variations. This keeps the application operational without manual intervention.
In this way, we enable our customers to gain a technological edge to secure their competitive advantage in the networked, digital future.

Our core areas of expertise:

  • Environment detection using 3D sensor technology:
    ToF depth image cameras, laser triangulation, stereo camera systems (self-developed and therefore finely adjustable to a specific task)
  • 3D Image Processing
    Image acquisition, data fusion with arm-mounted and moving sensors, filtering, object detection and localisation (model- or heuristic-based), inspection tasks, localisation of the working area for e.g. mobile applications, obstacle detection
  • Adaptive Robot Control
    Adaptive trajectory generation based on current 3D data (grasp planning using current object positions for e.g. BinPicking applications), trajectory generation with avoidance of detected obstacles, following surfaces for machining or cleaning applications, adaptation of trajectories to changed position of workpieces
  • Trajectory execution on the robot arm (supporting different robot arm types and manufacturers possible through hardware abstraction)
  • Different handling techniques: grasping, sucking, magnets
  • Support of mobile applications through self-localisation of the mobile platforms or robots on the workpieces or objects
  • React to and compensate small deviations caused by humans (e.g. object positions) for human-robot cooperation
Dino Robotics GmbH Greschbachstraße 3a 76229 Karlsruhe