Simple creation of complex industrial automation solutions in a graphical development environment

  • Everything from a single source: from programming, planning, simulation to execution

  • Manufacturer-independent support for your sensors and robot arms

  • Integrated user interface for task control

  • Use of prepared modules in a simple graphical programming environment

  • Adaptable to your task

  • Simple and user-friendly application

  • Extendable through plugins

  • Successfully in use for bin picking, inspection, assembly and logistics tasks

Dino Robot Studio

Integrated automation solutions with extraordinary capabilities can be quickly and easily assembled from already prepared and tested components. They can adapt themselves to the current situation and react to changes by automatically adjusting the program.

Our coordinated modules cover the following topics:

  • 2D/3D image capture

  • 3D data fusion and preprocessing

  • Object recognition and localisation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Motion and grasp planning

  • Collision-free robot movement

  • Motion execution on the robot

Advantages of Dino Robot Studio:

  • easy, fast and intuitive creation of new solutions
  • graphical programming, prepared function modules
  • no deep programming knowledge needed
  • quickly set up or adjust applications to new tasks yourself
  • use of future technologies
  • implement technical innovations in your own company
  • create competitive advantages

Using Dino Robot Studio increases

  • Productivity

  • Flexibility

  • Quality and accuracy in production

  • Utilization of existing robots

  • Speed of program creation

  • Reusability of programs and solutions

and allows the reduction of

  • Production costs

  • Time required to implement new tasks

  • Dependence on robot and manufacturer-specific functions

  • Need for external automation service providers

  • Dependence on personnel availability

  • Downtimes

A selection of our clients: